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Ali Khorsand Full Stack Developer

Ali Khorsand

ASP.Net MVC 5 / Core 2.x / Angular 2+ Programmer

  • Tehran, Iran
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I am a Full-stack developer with a wide range of knowledge in many different frontend and backend languages, responsive frameworks, databases, and best code practices. My objective is simply to be the best full-stack developer that I can be and to contribute to the technology industry all that I know and can do. I am dedicated to perfecting my craft by learning from more seasoned developers. remaining humble, and continuously making strides to learn all that I can about development. I studied Mathematics, and Information Technology engineering and I believe that my understanding of problem-solving and complex algorithms are also skills that have and will continue to contribute to my overall success as a developer.

ASP.Net Core 2.x

Java Script





EF Core 2.x

Entity Framework 6

Bootstrap 3,4


WCF & WebServices

Angular 2+




MS SQL Server

Python 3.x


Material Design




  • Full Stack .Net Developer

    10/1/2018 - 3/23/2020

    Faranegar Pars System

    1. Faranegar Online Reservation System

        • As a full-stack developer, I'm in charge to add new features and maintain Pars Reservation System and Online Flight Booking System using C#, ASP.Net MVC, and WebAPI on the back end and AngularJs, Razor on the front end.
        • Url: Project Url

        2. Faranegar Brand New Hotel Online Booking Service

          • as a team leader and full-stack developer I''m in charge to create and develop brand new Hotel Reservation service from scratch using ASP.Net Core 2.2 (C# v7.1) and SQL Server 2016, SQLite, Reddis cache and hangfire on the backend with SOLID principals and DDD and N-Layered Architecture 
          • As responsible to teaching angular to my other colleagues, I had to simultaneously teach Angular to the UI team due migrating from Angular 1.x to Angular 8, and these dudes create the UI ( the feedback is brilliant )
          • Project Test Url

          3. Faranegar Brand New Bank Gateway Service

            • as a team leader and full-stack developer, I'm in charge to create and develop a new bank payment gateway to support all Iranian banks in Faranegar Pars System Ecosystem and only one payment service for all customers using ASP.Net Core MVC 2.2 and SQL Server 2016, SQLite and jQuery. 
            • Project Test Url

            4. Faranegar Brand new Hotel Administrative Panel

          • Full Stack Developer

            12/17/2018 - 8/17/2018

            Notrika Faradid / Tadbir Org

            1- Online registration system to request or cancel bonds for Kowsar financial institute

            • Technologies & Frameworks that used : ASP.Net WebAPI, Soap Services , Entity Framework 6, HTML5, Angular 2+
            • Description : (Due to economic instability and negative trends in the Stock, project owners decided to temporarily suspend the project to    improve their economic conditions.)

          • .Net Developer

            9/11/2017 - 12/7/2017

            Nortal Helsinki , Fl

            • as a backend developer, I was in charge to develop API's using core WebAPI for The 226MEUR Valmis project on pre-production stage to modernize and replace dozens of tax information systems in the Finnish Tax Administration with a single one

          • Full Stack Developer

            3/14/2014 - 3/17/2017

            Sadad Co.

            1- Analysis and implementation of the Iranian national banking system

            2- Development of BINA systems

            3- Development payroll system ordered by Iranian national bank

            • Technologies that used : Microsoft C#.NET MVC and AngularJS , Bootstrap , HTML5

            4- Production system analysis and visas Shrines in Iraq (SAMAH 2)

            5- National Bank employee attendance system development under Windows Desktop Application Technology

            • Technologies that used : Microsoft C#.NET and WPF


          • IT

            9/23/2008 - 9/17/2013

            Islamic Azad University of Tehran South Branch

            In Iran, our scoring system ranges from 0 to 20 with 10 being the middle point. Everything below 10 is considered a fail. Believe it or not, I graduated with 14. I didn’t even attend most of my classes. Why? More than half of our curriculum were topics that had absolutely zero connection to programming. We had to pass a lot of mathematics, physics, electronics, and religious studies. I didn’t care about these subjects. it's a shame but a true story, just WASTE my time there

          • Mathematics Sciences

            9/23/2005 - 6/20/2008

            Amir Kabir High School

            • Graduated with GPA 16 out of 20.